Essential oils to motivate, conquer and sustain your fitness routine.

Essential Fitness Oils aid in your workouts from the point of decision to the point of accomplishment.


EFOs motivate you to make the right choice to take care of your body and get that workout in!


EFOs aid in your workout by helping you breath freely and energize you so you can conquer it!


EFOs sustain your body and routine by soothing tired, sore muscles until it’s time to make the right choice all over again!

Why EFOs?


The specifically chosen aroma blends of Essential Fitness Oils Go! Pack enliven the senses and provide aid and restoration.

Fresh aromas such as citrus oils and mints stimulate the mind and help bring focus (as well as freshen your workout gear!).  That’s why we picked the most energizing aromas in each of these categories for our Motivate and Conquer blends, such as lemon, grapefruit, peppermint and eucalyptus.  Medicinal oils, such as camphor and pine, contained in our Sustain blend, are soothing to tired, sore muscles and work as an anti-inflammatory so you can sustain your fitness routine.

Healthy Living 

With more focus on natural, healthy living, it is no surprise that this concentrated form of plant medicine is enjoying a comeback in popularity.

However, learning what essential oils are best for your specific needs can be overwhelming.  Essential Fitness Oils (EFOs) has taken the guess work out of how to use essential oils for fitness use and placed it all in a sporty, go-to pack with a carabiner clip!

Essential Fitness Oils For Your Active Lifestyle!

Essential Fitness Oils GO! Pack offers a fun and different way to keep you moving with three specialized 100% pure essential oil blends, all in a sporty, portable case with carabiner clip.  See “Shop” page for more details.

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