Break out of the “have-to” workout syndrome and turn it into the “want-to” syndrome!

Essential oils are a great way to break out of the norm when it comes to working out.  Choose the right aromas and you will even look forward to your next workout!  No longer associating exercise with stinky sweat and musty gym gear will do wonders for your mental outlook on staying fit.

Here are some secrets to using essential oils that make you WANT to workout:

1.  For motivation, try slowly inhaling, showering with or diffusing citrus and mint essential oils to wake you up, give you a boost and get you going.  Give it a try…this really works!

2.  Spray and freshen all your fitness gear so it smells like something you want to be around.

3.  During your workouts, use eucalyptus and mint essential oils to open your airways for clarified breathing.  This is so refreshing!  Use it topically along with a carrier oil on your chest, nape of neck and under your nose, place a few drops on your shirt or apply it to an EFO GO! Band.

4.  After your workouts, use medicinal essential oils like camphor, pine and wintergreen to massage sore, achy muscles and help reduce inflammation.  Gently rub in and let the oils do the work.  It’s like a mini spa treatment.  Tingly and therapeutic, a reward for your dedication.

We’ve given a few tips and secrets on how to use essential oils to enhance your workout.  We’d love to hear your thoughts too!

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