It’s not you.  It’s me.  Most of us have heard this before.  And it’s not usually a good thing.

But we can turn this idea around.  Let’s make it positive.  Look at others, take note of what they’re doing in their lives.  Their outlook, their habits, their happiness, their relationships.  Are people around you negative, angry, unhelpful and unhealthy?  Do they gorge themselves with potato chips at the potluck?  Do they spend their free time on the couch, while saying “I don’t have time to exercise.”?

Now take a look at yourself.  What habit currents have others drowned themselves in that you want (or need) to swim out of?  YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO BE DIFFERENT!

Different is attractive.  Different is cool.  If you are different, others will want to be like you.

So how will you be different from the old you?  Little steps, people.  Start with taking care of your body in small ways.  Implement healthier eating.  It will show in your mood and energy level.  Start an exercise routine.  It doesn’t have to be a super strenuous exercise routine.  Just start.  Your body will show the results, making your body and mind a little stronger every day.

So let’s start saying “It’s ME!  Not you!”

Essential Fitness Oils is rooting for you!

Motivation to be different!

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