Good times and bad.  We have all been through them.  And if you haven’t been through the bad times yet, they will likely come down the road.  Don’t let this be a downer!  Let it be a motivator to assess your own life and make sure things are in line for living in the best way possible now and in the future.  Here are five ways to line up your life:
#1.  Put God first and seek His will for your life. You read that right.  This is not about religion, political worldview or acts of righteousness. It’s about you and your heart.  Jesus said “Whoever isn’t with me is against me.”  (Matthew 12:30)  That’s as plain as it gets.  Be honest about what side you’re on.  It may take some humbling.  You only have one chance to get this right.  Everything you do in your life is connected to and stems from this.
#2.  Let #1 guide you in loving and giving yourself up for your family and friends.
#3.  Help someone else who is going through a rough time.  Are you thinking, “Hey, but I need support myself!”?  Did you know the best way you can help yourself if you’re struggling is to help someone else who’s struggling?  Try it.  As soon as possible!
#4.  Work hard.  Set goals and achieve them.  It may take weeks or months or even years.  You will likely make mistakes along the way.  But it will keep your mind engaged and accomplishment is great medicine.  What makes you passionate?  Surround yourself with people who are likeminded and hard working.  You can never go wrong with hard work!
#5.  Respect your body.  Strive to eat healthy.  Exercise regularly.  Yes, it’s hard work!  But other things in life will get harder if you don’t keep this up!  Don’t let your health and body decline.  It will if you don’t give it attention.  Find easy, quick ways to eat healthy so it’s not a burden.  Make fitness a part of your day in ways you look forward to.
Time to line it up!
Essential Fitness Oils is rooting for you!