The problem is, we all think our truth is right.


I’m just a person who, like you all, wants to know and believe the truth.


Let’s get real a minute.  There has to be only ONE TRUTH.  It’s really not possible that some of us arrived on earth via evolution and the others via creation.


Also not possible that we are each here by the acts of various gods – by customizing our own personal god belief – because that would be making things up, now wouldn’t it?  So…common sense would say ONLY ONE GOD CAN BE TRUE.


RECAP.  We got here one way.  Multiple gods can’t possibly be true all at the same time.


PROBLEM.  So many people want to believe in a lie because they believe it’s open minded, accepting and, therefore, right.  They believe it’s freeing and loving.  How is that working out for us in the world?  Not particularly well.  It gives too much license to be any way we want to be.  And NEWSFLASH – we are not good.


There can only be ONE absolute truth.  (Everyone should at least agree with that!)


And the truth will set you free.  If the truth you currently believe in is creating friction, anger and confusion in your life, you probably need to re-assess what you believe.


John 8:31-32

“If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


So what does this mean for you?  You only get one chance in life to find and believe the truth.  The path is narrow and many spiritual forces are working to convince us that the truth is a lie.  There are so many reasons to believe in the God of the Bible, our Savior.  Get a Bible.  Read it.  Believe all parts of it.  Live it.  Speak it.  Stand by it with confidence.  Realize it’s all relevant, even today.  Love others.  Pray.  Persevere.  Look forward to His return!


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